Panic In the White House As Wiretap Shows Don Jr. With Kremlin Ties

If you’ve been reading our recent stories about Donald Trump Jr. you know that the noose is tightening around the president’s son and namesake. It is very possible that these stories have caused panic in the White House and they may be an explanation for some of the president’s increasingly erratic behavior.

Every day or two a new report emerges about Don Jr.’s involvement in meetings with Russians or other foreigners trying to illegally influence U.S. elections.  A pattern has emerged of Don Jr. trying to sell out the United States while helping to get his father elected president.  And now some new evidence has emerged which may be the nail in Jr.’s coffin.

Two weeks ago Don Jr. testified in the U.S. Senate and implicated his father in the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.  Yesterday a senator accused Jr. of lying to Congress during Senate testimony last year, saying he should be prosecuted for perjury. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) recently pointed out that Trump’s son could be a target in the Russia investigation. 

Just a week ago the story broke that in August of 2016 there was a second Trump Tower meeting where Trump Jr. met with two Middle Eastern countries who illegally offered to help his father win the 2016 election. We speculated that George Nader, a cooperating Mueller witness who put that meeting together, would be the one to give sufficient damning testimony to put Jr. in jail.

If you add all of this together things look really bad for the president’s son, and by extension, the president.  If Jr. is indicted by Mueller and is forced to cut a deal he could give the special counsel all the ammunition he needs to take down Donald Trump.

The latest piece of news may be the worst of all.  Prosecutors in Spain have wiretaps of his conversations with Russian organized crime figures, according to Yahoo News:

The FBI has obtained secret wiretaps collected by Spanish police of conversations involving Alexander Torshin, a deputy governor of Russia’s Central Bank who has forged close ties with U.S. lawmakers and the National Rifle Association, that led to a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during the gun lobby’s annual convention in Louisville in May, 2016, a top Spanish prosecutor said Friday.

Jose Grinda, who has spearheaded investigations into Spanish organized crime said that bureau officials in recent months requested and were provided transcripts of wiretapped conversations between Torshin and Alexander Romanov, a convicted Russian money launderer. On the wiretaps, Romanov refers to Torshin as “El Padrino,” his godfather.

“Just a few months ago, the wiretaps of these telephone conversations were given to the FBI,” Grinda said in response to a question from Yahoo News during a talk he gave at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. Asked if he was concerned about Torshin’s meetings with Donald Trump Jr. and other American political figures, Grinda replied: “Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned.”

It is well known that Torshin tried to set up a summit between Putin and Trump in 2016, and is also public knowledge that Torshin met with Donald Trump Jr. at a private dinner in Louisville during the May 2016 annual convention of the NRA. Torshin has also been under investigation by Mueller’s team for his Russian organized crime activities, including money laundering.

It now appears that the FBI has copies of the Spanish wiretap records which might prove Don Jr.’s involvement with Russian mob figures in committing various crimes such as conspiracy and money laundering.

Where this story is going nobody knows for sure, but we do know that whatever happens next is not going to be good news for Donald Trump Jr.