Republican MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace Refuses To Repeat Trump’s Lies Setting Example For Rest Of Media

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, host of Deadline: White House, has had it with Donald Trump’s propaganda, and has reached a point of utter frustration, as a direct result of it, so much so that she refused to share with her viewers any more of the plethora of Tweets Trump spewed Friday morning regarding the Russian investigation.

And you know what, folks? Other conservative media personalities would do well to follow Wallace’s lead. While it appears the majority of conservatives feel just fine repeating Trump’s utter bullsh$t, there will be a price to pay, sooner or later. That price is called credibility, folks.

Simply put: Repeating Trump’s lies and persistent propaganda to the public through our airwaves about this investigation is not only insulting every American’s intelligence, but is also being purposefully put out for public consumption by Mr. Trump with one goal: to cast doubt on the Special Counsel’s findings, which are now looking that findings of guilt are imminent for Trump and those associated with his campaign.

That is, given the plethora of news of late, it appears Mueller will find Trump guilty of obstruction of justice, conspiracy against the United States, or both.

No amount of normalizing this man as President will counter this reality and Wallace, a well-known Republican and former Communications Director for the Bush White House is having no more of it.

During her broadcast yesterday, Wallace said the following regarding Trump’s latest accusation that a “spy infiltrated his campaign at the direction of our previous President, Barack Obama;”

“It started with Donald Trump making up about the FBI spies implanted in his campaign,” Wallace said. “It exploded to the point where the Justice Department had to brief lawmakers about what actually happened. And finally today, after those classified meetings where the only public statements we’ve heard have shot down the original allegation, the conspiracy theory seems to have been largely debunked for everyone but Donald Trump and his allies.”

Wallace then began to read some of the Tweets Trump placed on Twitter, in what appears to be a lame attempt by him to “make the public doubt the conclusions reached by the Special Counsel,” should guilt be reported by him as many analysts expect.

Trump began his tirade yesterday morning with the following Tweet:

“The Democrats are now alluding to the the concept that having an Informant placed in an opposing party’s campaign is different than having a Spy, as illegal as that may be. But what about an “Informant” who is paid a fortune and who “sets up” way earlier than the Russian Hoax?”

Regardless of what Trump wants to sell this nation as a diversion to the political scandal that is enormously worse than Watergate, due to the sheer volume of people involved, the amount of money involved,  as well as the possibility that the key players in the scandal worked with a foreign adversary, his propaganda is a waste of bandwidth at this point, and, should be treated as such.

And to set the record straight here: The Federal Bureau of Investigation launched this investigation when George Papadoupolas bragged to an Australian diplomat while in London, that “the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of hacked emails.”

What did Mr. Trump want the FBI to do with this revelation? Sit on the sidelines ignoring this damning information? Looking at Trump’s Tweet, apparently so.

Trump then followed up that Tweet yesterday morning, within seconds of the first, stating:

“Can anyone even imagine having Spies placed in a competing campaign, by the people and party in absolute power, for the sole purpose of political advantage and gain? And to think that the party in question, even with the expenditure of far more money, LOST!”

Have you as a reader ever asked yourself why Mr. Trump has to repeat so many times that he won and the Democratic candidate lost? And let’s not forget: The Democratic Party was not in “absolute power” as Trump claims here, given the Republican Party controlled both the House and Senate. A final point regarding this Tweet provides even more insight: how do any of us know with utter certainty how much Trump spent, given his propensity to mix his business with his political office?

Trump closed his tirade regarding the investigation by Tweeting the following:

“Everyone knows there was a Spy, and in fact the people who were involved in the Spying are admitting that there was a Spy…Widespread Spying involving multiple people.” Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist Senior Editor But the corrupt Mainstream Media hates this monster story!”

It is interesting to me as a writer that Mr. Trump is under the delusion that “everyone knows there was  a Spy,” especially given the fact that both parties came out after viewing those documents with nothing untoward stated by either of the two political parties about the manner in which the investigation unfolded.

Thankfully though, Wallace never read all of the Tweets on the air, and her viewers were spared, as she called Trump’s words precisely what they are: “bold face lies.”  Imagine if the rest of the media would treat Trump as the liar he proves himself to being  on nearly every story they report about him?

The Fourth Estate would be functioning just as it was expected: to hold those in power to account.

It’s well past time the media outlets cease using this investigation as a way to garner ratings, and call Trump precisely what he has shown himself to be: a liar! When that day comes, perhaps those who provide persistent cover for Trump will realize the futility of doing so, understanding the risk they present to their own credibility as well.

Watch the video below of Nicole Wallace’s segment on Trump’s Twitter tirade about the Russian investigation as shown yesterday on the air: