Alternative Facts: Trump Blames Dems For Children Being Separated From Parents At Border

Sometimes Donald Trump tells a lie so outrageous that it deserves more attention than the thousands of others he has told throughout his presidency.

On Saturday, the president did just that.

In another episode of Twitter Tantrums with Trump, the deranged president actually said that Democrats are responsible for  “the horrible law that separates children from [their] parents once they cross the Border into the U.S.”

Trump misspelled the tweet, but he didn’t miss a chance to touch on all of his dog whistle buzzwords:

Trump’s new border policy went into effect this month

While Trump blames Democrats for his administration’s monstrous policy to separate children from their parents at the border, it’s unlikely to convince anyone who’s been paying attention.

This is another Trump alternative fact – a lie – that can be debunked in a shorter amount of time than it took the president to construct the tweet.

According to the LA Times, under the pre-Trump policy, agents at the border tried “to keep family units together by sending all members to the same family detention facility.”

Now, after the administration’s new rule went into effect, “parents will be prosecuted and children sent to a separate refugee facility, the official said,” the LA Times added.

Of course, Trump doesn’t care about telling the truth; he never has. He also has no interest in the complexities of U.S. immigration policy. He simply knows that attacking undocumented immigrants – even their children – is a winning strategy for him.

As I wrote when the administration first announced the policy  change:

Donald Trump knows he struck political gold in his immigration message. His ability to convince angry white voters that all of their troubles should be pinned on voiceless brown people – that’s the reason he sits in the White House today. It’s also the reason that 30-35 percent of the country will stand by him no matter what he says and does.

At the end of the day, Trump’s lies aren’t necessarily the problem, are they? After all, he’s built a presidency, and a career, on such lies. For better or worse, we’ve become accustomed to them.

The real problem is the Republicans who continue to give him a pass on this behavior and, of course, the voters who believe every last one of the lies.