Trump Is Cracking Up As He Calls A Press Call By His Own White House Fake News

The Russia investigation is so unstable that he is now claiming that a White House official who briefed reporters on the North Korea talks doesn’t exist and that the briefing was fake news.

Trump tweeted:

The Trump White House holds press calls like the one that Trump is claiming doesn’t exist all of the time. The press would like to put these calls on the record and quote White House officials, but the administration insists that all of these calls be on background, which means that the names of the officials on the calls can’t be used.

This hasn’t stopped journalists from naming the official that Trump claims does not exist:

Trump has either totally lost it, or he has no idea what is going on around him

Trump is desperate for the North Korea summit. He needs a distraction from all of the scandals that are piling up around him. Trump appears to have no idea what is happening in his administration. It is impossible to make policy when the president is so out of touch with reality that he may go off on Twitter at any time and undo what was just said by others in the White House.

The Mueller probe has Trump cooked. He is entirely detached from reality and has no idea what is going on around him. It has gotten so bad that he is now calling briefings from his own White House fake news.

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