Trump Has A Saturday Afternoon Meltdown And Falsely Claims Mueller Probe Is Rigged By Democrats

In Saturday afternoon implosion, Donald Trump ranted on Twitter that the Russia probe is rigged against him and is being secretly run by Democrats.

Trump tweeted:

Trump was lying

Contrary to what Trump claimed, targets of FBI investigations don’t get contacted. Hillary Clinton was never a target in an FBI investigation so that comparison does not apply. The Russia investigation is not rigged, because the investigation began before the general election was held. The FBI was investigating the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016, so the investigation predated what happened at the polls in November. Trump also repeated his big lie that the people who are running the Russia investigation are Democrats. This claim is absurdly false. Robert Mueller is a Republican. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were Trump nominees. The investigation is being carried out by members of Trump’s own party.

Trump has convinced himself that there is a conspiracy against him when the reality is that Trump has engaged in shady activities and surrounded himself with criminals for decades. There was an easy way for Trump to avoid the Russia scandal, and that was for his campaign to no conspire with Russians or Middle Eastern princes to illegally interfere in an election.

Donald Trump is obsessed with the Mueller investigation and losing his mind. This Saturday afternoon meltdown shows that Trump is cornered and running out excuses as he is suffocating under a scandal that is being powered by facts and evidence.

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