Avenatti Says Mueller May Get ‘Shut Down’ But He Is ‘Not Going Away’

In a series of Sunday tweets Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Michael Avenatti said that President Donald Trump might shut down the Mueller investigation using ‘’spygate” as an excuse.  No matter what happens with Mueller, however, the feisty lawyer gave assurances to his supporters by saying “WE are not going away.”

“Dazed & Confused Giuliani and Mr. Trump’s fabricated “spygate” will be the ruse they use to deceive the American people and shut down the Mueller investigation. But WE are not going away. And WE will not be shut down. Ever. #BuckleUp #LongHaul #Basta

He later added:

DJT promised the American people the “best and the brightest” and delivered…Dazed & Confused Giuliani. Ignorant of the facts. Doesn’t know the law. Hasn’t tried a case this century. He’s a glorified puppet with zero credibility. And a complete joke. #Basta

He also sent a tweet with a link to an article in Business Insider which was very complimentary.

We are honored and humbled by the outpouring of support we have received. Stay aggressive! We are going to fight on and stay the course with our strategy because it is working. Remember that the only thing that matters is results. https://read.bi/2IOt2hq  via @businessinsider

The  Business Insider article made the following main points:

  • Michael Avenatti has a massive base of fans rooting for him.
  • His supporters want to see him take on the president by using some of Trump’s own tactics against him.
  • They believe Avenatti is the only person will take on the president and win.
  • They have been increasingly vocal in supporting Avenatti through recent controversies where he has been attacked by Trump and his allies.

Avenatti has faced great amounts of criticism in recent weeks for being on TV too much. So he decided to ask his half a million Twitter followers a question.

“Time for a poll,” he wrote. “Vote as to whether I should a) stay on television and keep disclosing accurate information to the American public or b) get off television and stop disclosing accurate information.”

The poll generated more than 206,000 responses with 93% saying they wanted him to continue his frequent appearances on TV.

People know that Robert Mueller may be fired by the president, but that Michael Avenatti cannot be fired.  He also will not be intimidated in any way, and has said he will fight this battle to the end on behalf of truth and the American people.  He is fighting for the underdog, which in this case is the average American who wants a government working for the people instead of for billionaires. And everyone is rooting for Michael Avenatti to continue his fight until he wins his final victory over Donald Trump.