Rudy Giuliani Screws Up And Admits Mueller Wants To Interview Trump On Obstruction Of Justice

While repeating Trump’s conspiracy-laden talking points on CNN, Rudy Giuliani admitted that Robert Mueller wants to talk to Trump about obstruction of justice.


Giuliani said, “Well, the two topics that we more or less agree on, and I should say it’s all contingent on every point being worked out. It’s kind of like the North Korean negotiations but not as important. If everything can be worked out then they would probably limit it to collusion and obstruction. The collusion part we are pretty comfortable with because there has been none. The obstruction part I’m not as comfortable with. The president is fine with it. He is innocent. I am not comfortable because it is a matter of interpretation, not just hard and fast, true/not true, so if you interpret his comment about firing Mueller — I’m sorry, firing Comey, no discussion of firing Mueller by the way, as opposed to removing a guy who is doing a bad job, on the recommendation in part of Rosenstein — if you see it as obstructing the investigation then you can say it is obstruction and then you can say it is perjury, which is even easier for them, which is where I think if they’re sneaky they are going. I don’t believe Bob is. Those guys were present at Hillary Clinton’s ha-ha victory dinner.”

Thanks to the Rudy Giuliani, the world’s worst defense lawyer, it is now publicly known that Mueller wants to talk to Trump about obstruction of justice. Being that Trump admitted on national television with NBC’s Lester Holt that he fired Comey due to the Russia investigation, any of the smoke and mirrors that Giuliani is trying to throw up have already been destroyed by his own client.

Giuliani is also wrong about Trump and perjury. The only way that Trump will commit perjury is if he lies, and what Rudy was saying was that if Trump is asked about obstruction of justice, he will lie.

Trump will be lucky if Giuliani only gets him impeached. If Rudy keeps talking, Trump could end up in federal prison.

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