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Sen. Jeff Flake Offers More Empty Words, But No Action On Stopping Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told Republicans that they need to speak up more against Trump’s lies, but the Arizona Senator again showed that his words are empty by offering no action.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


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Well, do you believe he’s abusing his power? And if you do, when does that, when does that get to the point where you think Congress needs to do something about it, including potentially look at impeachment?


Well, let me just compliment the Congress in the last couple of days. The president had this diversion tactic, obviously, with so-called Spygate. I don’t think any of us were referring to it in that way. But the Congress — Republicans in Congress said no. To have a briefing like the president wanted with just one party was not right. And so, it wasn’t just some of the Democrats saying that that was not proper–




–a lot of Republicans were saying that as well. So, I, I saw the kind of pushback that we need to have. But it needs to happen more often. When the president says things that are just totally wrong, it’s responsibility of members of Congress, particularly those in the president’s party, to stand up and say, “That is not right. Truth is not relative. And there are no alternative facts here.” And, and I, I have seen instances where we haven’t done that well. And we’ve got to do it better.

2 Republican Senators could easily stop Trump

If Jeff Flake really wanted to stop Trump, he and one other Republican Senator could do by promising that no legislation will pass and no judges will be confirmed until a bill is brought to the Senate floor and voted on to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller. With the Republican majority consisting of one seat, any two Republican Senators could come together to derail the Trump/McConnell by refusing to vote for any bill put on the floor until the Special Counsel is protected.

Republicans could do this. They could stop Trump, but they don’t want to.

The empty words and shrugging of shoulders routine is played out. It is time for Republicans to do something, and if they are too scared of Trump to act, voters will elect Senators who will.

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