Trump Wigs Out And Blames Obama For His Treason

Trump is honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending their country this Memorial Day weekend by flipping out and blaming Obama for his conspiracy with Russia.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is blaming Obama to keep his supporters with him

Trump is pulling a page from the Fox News playbook. When all else fails, blame Obama. It wasn’t Obama whose campaign officials have been charged with crimes. It wasn’t Obama’s fault that Trump surrounded himself with various shady people, crooks, and criminals. It is hard to tell what Trump’s point is here. Is he blaming Obama for not busting him for conspiring with Russia during the election? Is he saying that it is Obama’s fault that he potentially committed crimes? The blame Obama excuse makes no sense in the context of the Russians were working to help Trump win the election.

Obama didn’t force Trump to obstruct justice

Obama didn’t make Trump fire James Comey and obstruct justice. It wasn’t Obama who forced Trump campaign officials and hanger ons to conspire with the Russians.

Trump is flipping out. He is grasping for anything that might save him from going down for the Russia scandal. Donald Trump is a Fox News junkie, and one of the tricks that he learned from watching Fox is that when all else fails, blame Obama. For Trump, it is all about keeping that the 30%-40% of the country who supports him with him. Blaming Obama isn’t going to work, but Trump is running out of options, so it is time to blame the nation’s first African-American president for all of his problems.

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