Schiff: ‘Throw the Bums Out of Congress’ to Protect Mueller

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee called on American voters to “throw the bums out” of Congress during appearances on Sunday morning talk shows.  He was referring to Republican leaders who he accused of trying to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“The only thing that makes this possible is a Congress that is complicit,” Schiff said on the ABC News program “This Week.” He blamed Republican leaders in Congress and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for their refusal to properly do their jobs.  According to Schiff, these GOP leaders job is to “stand up for the independence of the Justice Department.”

“As long as there’s a majority in Congress that is willing to do this president’s will and as long as we have a deeply unethical president, there’s only one remedy,” Schiff said before giving his opinion that the American people should “throw the bums out” and get new leaders in Congress.

Schiff’s words come at the end of a turbulent week during which Trump and the White House seemed to declare war against the Justice Department and the FBI. There is a lot of confusion about the role that retired American professor and FBI source Stefan A. Halper played in the Russia investigation, and whether Trump is correct in saying that Halper was a “spy” implanted by the FBI into his presidential campaign.

Trump has called the whole affair “Spygate” but it is not clear that his attacks and Twitter tirades will benefit him and Republicans politically.  It is clear, however, that as Trump goes on Twitter to try to sell his misleading “spy” claims, Democratic leaders have their eyes on the 2018 midterm elections.

This year’s elections are seen as crucial for taking back control of the House of Representatives and for defending federal law enforcement agencies from blistering attacks by Trump, other Republicans and their surrogates on Fox News.

On Thursday the top law enforcement and intelligence community officials attended two briefings with the “Gang of Eight” members of Congress who are responsible for intelligence oversight.