Andrea Mitchell Warns Viewers Before Talking About Trump Tweet That It Is False

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell became the latest journalist to put a disclaimer on a Trump tweet, as she told viewers before she read part of the tweet that Trump’s statement blaming Democrats for missing immigrant children was false.


Mitchell said on her MSNBC program Andrea Mitchell Reports, “The Trump administration’s tough new immigration tough new crackdown is facing new scrutiny after a top Health and Human Services official revealed the department had lost track of nearly 1500 migrant children separated from their parents. Now, the department claims that the children aren’t technically lost saying that their sponsors often family members fail to respond to follow up to safety checks. This as President Trump falsely tries to blame Democrats for the mess tweeting put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from their parents once they cross the border into the US.”

Trump’s tweets are increasingly coming with disclaimers

Trump is such a pathological liar that responsible journalists are warning their viewers that the President’s statements are lies before they discuss them on the air. Since Trump is acting as his own communications director, his Twitter account is the de facto White House press operation, which means that when journalists have to quote the president on an issue, they most often refer to Trump’s tweets.

Trump manipulated this dilemma to push propaganda through the media, but journalists are devising ways to cut Trump off before he has a chance to mislead and manipulate. Several hosts on MSNBC like Rachel Maddow, Ari Melber, and Nicolle Wallace either don’t read Trump’s tweets on the air or only refer to them sparingly when they must. Andrea Mitchell didn’t read Trump’s whole tweet, and she pointed that what she did read was false.

The media has gradually wised up to Trump. They are no longer covering his rallies and every word as must-see television. Fact checks and disclaimers are becoming more common before Trump’s statements are discussed.

The Trump propaganda machine is having its unfettered access cut off, as journalists don’t want to report lies and Trump is incapable of telling the truth.

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