Dan Rather Warns Trump: No President Is More Powerful Than The Country

Dan Rather had a message for Donald Trump and every single American watching. Rather said that no president is more powerful than the entire country, as he pointed out that the people are moving in the opposite direction away from this president.


Rather said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, “One other point that I can’t leave without saying. There was talk, there always is talk well, president trump sets the tone and how influential he is. No president is more powerful than the country as a whole and the country as a whole particularly the young people in the country are moving in the opposite direction from Donald Trump on race as well as some other things. But most importantly on race.”

The reason why Trump has been and always likely will be an unpopular president is that he does not reflect the direction of a majority of the country. Popular presidents reflect the sentiment of their times. Presidents who are a reaction to change and progress, like Trump, are temporary walls that incapable of holding back the inevitable tide of change. People of all ages are moving against Trump, and the people are stronger than any one president.

This inertia is why Democrats stand a good chance of at least winning back the House in November because Donald Trump doesn’t represent who the majority of America is, and most importantly where it wants to go. It is important to remind people that all presidents are temporary. The only thing certain about every single president is that at some point they will leave office and be replaced by someone else.

Dan Rather was referring to the collective mass of power that guides our country. Popular presidents ride atop this wave, while those who try to push against it end up condemned to the dustbin of presidential history.

Rather’s words were a warning, but they were also a fact that no president is more powerful than the country, because the country has the power to rid itself of any president.

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