GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Bluntly Calls Trump And Roseanne Racists

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt called out both Trump and Roseanne Barr for intentionally and seriously using racism to divide the country and bring back the worst cultural toxins in American history.


Schmidt said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “What we see as this vile conduct by Roseanne Barr, it’s not a joke. It is a stone cold racist statement by one of the most prominent public supporters of a racist president, who time and time again has shown us his true colors and not for the first time at Charlottesville. Whhe lectures the country and he says there’s good Nazis out there. The one thing we should all be clear on, despite ideological differences, there are no good Nazis. Not there, not here, not back in those days, and certainly not in these days. We see the stirring of the race caldron by this president, part of a deliberate strategy to incite his base with conspiracy theories, with dishonesty, with lying, with race baiting. He is stirring up every worst toxin that’s been buried in the ground in this country, bringing it back to the surface, and he’s doing it on purpose.”

This isn’t about partisan politics. The choice here is one of right and wrong, and basic humanity. Steve Schmidt along with many other Republicans who have been all but removed from their party since Trump took over understand that what Trump is promoting for his own political gain is vile, disgusting, and dangerous to the country. Schmidt was right. Trump is doing this on purpose. Roseanne Barr amplified what Trump tells his supporters every single day.

Republicans need to be more like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, and less like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Looking the other way is what allows racism and hatred to flourish. Until Republicans condemn Roseanne Barr and the president who so happily embraced her, they will be regarded as the same as the racists that they elect to represent them.

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