Michael Avenatti Drops Another Bomb: ‘I Know For A Fact’ That Trump Is On The Cohen Tapes


Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti dropped another bomb on the White House on Wednesday, this time saying that Donald Trump is on “at least one” of Michael Cohen’s recordings, which were likely seized in the FBI raids of Cohen’s offices.

“I know for a fact that Donald Trump is on at least one of these recordings,” Avenatti said in an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

In an earlier appearance on the network, Avenatti referred to the recordings as “the Trump tapes.” His comments to Melber added more clarity to his initial claim.



When Melber pushed back, asking him how he knew Trump was on the tapes, Avenatti didn’t back down.

“I’m not going to get into details of how I know that,” Avenatti told the MSNBC host, adding that he would “absolutely” repeat the claim in court.

“Donald Trump is on one of the recordings – at least one of them,” the Stormy Daniels lawyer said.  “I know that for a fact. I stand behind it. If you look at my track record over the last almost three months, it’s impeccable.”

Two things should terrify Trump right now

When it comes to the ongoing Michael Cohen investigation, Trump should be terrified of two things.

First, Michael Avenatti’s credibility. As the attorney pointed out in his interview on MSNBC, his track record has been nothing short of stellar. When he promises the goods, he almost always delivers.

Second, the contents of the tapes. If it’s true – as Avenatti says – that the president is on the recordings discussing the Stormy Daniels matter with Cohen, it could put the Trump presidency at further risk than it already was.

This is especially true because, as the adult film star’s lawyer pointed out earlier, Cohen even recorded “inappropriate” conversations.

From Russian collusion to obstruction of justice, there is no shortage of scandals facing Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Michael Avenatti just added to the pile of evidence that is slowly crushing his presidency.