Obama Birther Melania Trump Throws A Fit Because The Media Wants To Know Where She Is

First Lady Melania Trump, who went on The View to demand then President Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate even though she herself immigrated here under what appear to be illegal terms, is quite miffed that the media would dare to speculate about her whereabouts and health just because no one has seen her after her surgery and that’s odd.

Yeah, what’s with the speculating! How rude.

Flashback to so long ago in 2011 when she was still following her husband’s lead going full birther:

Yet Melania Trump has yet to explain the many inconsistencies in her own status as an immigrant to the United States. President Trump promised that his wife would hold a news conference to explain her undocumented status, but this never happened.

You can imagine how well this would have gone over if it were Michelle Obama. And yet we have a mainstream media that lowers the bar for Trump and his family so low that they demand apologies for the Press Secretary when a comedian tells the truth about her dangerous lies for the administration.

The same media who nearly lost their minds over Clinton’s emails can’t be bothered with Melania Trump’s immigration status even as her husband splits families apart and actually has ICE come to people’s homes who have lived here for 30 years to tear them away from their family.

How dare anyone speculate, though. I mean, to be fair, speculating without evidence is the forte of the Trump family. How dare anyone try to compete.