Trump Gifts Mueller More Evidence That He Obstructed Justice

Trump proved that he is own worst enemy by going on a Twitter tirade against his own attorney general even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller is already investigating him for trying to obstruct justice through Jeff Sessions.

Trump tweeted:

The Special Counsel is literally investigating Trump for his pressure on Sessions right now

Robert Mueller is already investigating Trump for his attempts to pressure Sessions to secretly oversee the Russia investigation or resign. It is absolute insanity for Trump to take to Twitter and suggest that Sessions was a mistake and that he wished he would have picked someone else to be his attorney general. Somebody who would have meddled in the Russia investigation, in the same way that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) interfered in the House Intelligence Committee Russia investigated even though he also was supposed to be recused.

Trump is handing Mueller the evidence that he needs to report that the president obstructed justice on a silver platter. With no adults left in the White House to tell him no, Trump is on a spiral of self-destruction that will result in the end of his presidency.

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