Trump Breaks The Law With Illegal Tweet About Jobs Report Numbers

A major investigation is being called for after Donald Trump illegally tweeted about the jobs report numbers an hour before they were officially released.

Trump tweeted:

Trump got the jobs numbers early because his economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, told him about them last night:

Economic experts said that Trump broke the law because jobs numbers are classified information until their release:

The jobs numbers are considered confidential information, because if they are leaked, they can be used for insider trading:

Federal officials are prohibited from discussing the jobs numbers early

By statute, federal officials are prohibited from discussing the jobs numbers before their release. When Kudlow gave the number to Trump early, he violated the law. Trump’s tweet, even though he didn’t discuss specific numbers was also a violation. The bigger issue is that Trump is known to blab classified information to his friends, or anyone within earshot of his rambling.

A legitimate Congress, as in not one controlled by Republicans, would already be investigating who Trump gave these numbers to early and if they were used illegally to insider trade.

Trump’s casual breaking of laws is the biggest reason why the nation needs to elect a Democratic Congress in November.

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