Trump Brags About ‘Historic’ Jobs Report That Is Worse Than Obama

Trump bragged about a ‘historic’ jobs report, but in reality, his numbers and the percentage change in the unemployment rate are worse than Barack Obama.

Video of Trump boasting:

Trump said, “We are restoring our wealth at home. It’s about time. We have reached yet one more historic milestone with 3 .8% unemployment just announced and another all-time record low, African American unemployment, Hispanic unemployment at an all-time low in history. We’re very honored by that, and by the way, for the women out there, the lowest unemployment in 19 years. And I’ll be soon saying that will be in history also. Very soon. That won’t take much longer.”

Trump is taking credit for a level of job creation that the Obama administration hit with regularity, and he is giving himself credit for a drop in the African-American and Hispanic unemployment rate that was largely accomplished under Obama.

Here is the monthly chart of Obama’s jobs numbers:

Another way of looking at these numbers is by year:

A third way of demonstrating Trump’s inferior performance is to look at the percentage drop in unemployment for each president:

Trump is performing worse than Obama

As the numbers above show, Trump’s economy is not performing up to the levels of Obama. Trump is taking credit for small overall changes in the net numbers. The Trump gains are being achieved off of the economic engine that Obama built. The real test for Trump is going to come once the burden of the tax cuts and retaliatory tariffs are felt.

The reason why American workers aren’t feeling prosperous is that they may have jobs, but their wages are flat, and prices are rising. Americans are working harder, and have less money. That is not kitchen table prosperity. Obama pulled the United States out the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. What Trump is taking credit for doesn’t hold a candle to Obama’s accomplishments.

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