Trump Whines That He Is Working Very Hard As He Prepares To Do More Golfing


Trump claimed to be working very hard, and he is only going to be taking a little relaxation as he announced that the Burger King summit with Kim Jong-un is back on.



Trump said, “A little relaxation and a lot of work. We have a lot of calls set up. Calling a lot of the foreign leaders. I am negotiating the trade deals. I’m working. Working hard for you people.”

Donald Trump is a president who is rarely at work. His leaked private schedule shows that he begins his workday at 11 AM after watching Fox and Friends and tweeting. Trump stops work at 6 PM, and he has breaks built into his day so that he can watch Fox News, talk to his friends on the phone, and tweet.

On weekends and holidays, Trump is golfing. Trump has golfed 116 times as president. He is on pace to spend 772 days of his presidency golfing. Trump has also spent 22% of his presidency on the golf course.

Forgive the American people if they aren’t buying Trump’s tales of working hard. This is a guy who spends less than 40 hours a week on the presidency. He doesn’t work weekends and eats up more than one-fifth of his time in office playing golf.

Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the words hard work. His statement would be more credible if he weren’t golfing every weekend, weather permitting. Trump can try to sell himself as a hard-working president, but the American people can see the truth. Trump is barely showing up, and can’t wait to hit the links.

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