Healthcare, Not Russia, Is The #1 Issue That Democratic Voters Want To Hear About

A new CBS Battleground tracker poll found that the control of the House is a toss-up among battleground voters, but the number one issue that Democratic voters want to hear about in these districts isn’t the Russia investigation or impeachment. Voters are most concerned with health care.

CBS News reported:

Democrats and Republicans have different priorities. Most Republicans want to hear a lot about immigration, followed by jobs and wages, and healthcare. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans say the arrival of new immigrants has changed the area where they live, and most say it’s for the worse.

For Democrats, they want candidates to focus on health care a lot, as well as income inequality, education and teacher salaries, and jobs. They are more likely than Republicans to say unemployment and the availability of good jobs is a problem where they live.

Four in 10 Democrats want to hear a lot from candidates about the Russia investigation, ranking it lower in priority than these other issues. Only 9 percent of Republicans want candidates to talk a lot about that issue.

Health care is the issue that Democrats need to be talking about

For years, Democrats were on the defensive about the ACA, but now the worm has turned, and voters want to talk about healthcare. The voter emphasis on health care suggests that control of the House won’t be determined by national agendas, but by the pocketbook and household issues in each district. Democrats have a major advantage on health care. Republicans have no plan and don’t want to talk about the issue.

Control of the House isn’t going to be decided by talking about impeachment or the Russia scandal. What is motivating voters is a concern for their jobs, healthcare, and incomes. Democrats should be hammering away at what Trump and the Republicans have done to healthcare in this country in every single district.

Republicans have gifted Democrats the number one issue in the midterm election, so Democrats shouldn’t get distracted by issues that can be worked out after they take back the House.

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