Trump Flips Out Because FBI/DOJ Wouldn’t Tip Him Off To Investigation


Trump tantrumed because federal law enforcement did their job and did not tip him off that his campaign was the subject of an investigation.

Trump tweeted:


The president then threw Manafort under the bus:

Later after watching some Fox News, Trump went after the credibility of the Mueller investigation:

Trump didn’t get notified by FBI/DOJ because he is a subject or target of the investigation

Trump thinks that he is entitled to know when federal law enforcement is investigating him, which is something that every subject or target would love to have. It would be much easier to avoid getting caught if criminals knew in advance that they were under investigation. The president’s tantrum wasn’t about Manafort. What Trump is really raging about is the idea that he has no idea what’s going on with the Mueller investigation. The need to dig up information is why he made up “Spygate.”

It is much easier to destroy evidence and cover one’s tracks when they know that the feds are investigating. Trump is caught up in something that he can’t buy, lie, or destroy evidence to get out of.

Trump’s caught, which is why he is throwing people overboard and making up fake conspiracies to poison the jury of public opinion on impeachment.

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