Sarah Huckabee Sanders Falls Apart And Cuts Off Reporter Who Asks If Trump Is Above The Law

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cut off NBC News’ Peter Alexander as he was in the middle of asking if Trump thinks that he is above the law.


Transcript of the exchange:

<strong>Alexander: Does the president believe is he above the law?

Sanders: Certainly not. The president hasn’t done anything wrong.

Alexander: That’s not the question. I guess the question is does the president believe the framers envisioned a system where the president could be above the law?

Sanders: Certainly the Constitution very clearly lays out the law. Once again the president hasn’t done anything wrong and we feel very comfortable in that front.

Alexander: You just a moment ago said it is not that clear. I guess simply put, does the president believe he is above the law?

Sanders: Certainly no one is above the law.

Let me ask a different one.

Sanders: Sorry, I’m —

Alexander: I just want to ask you an important one. If I can.

Sanders: You can’t actually.

Alexander: I’d like to, Sarah. I think this is important.

Sanders: I’m going to continue to move on.

That was a bad exchange for the White House. Sanders never answered the question which was about if Trump believes that he is above the law. Any other White House press secretary in recent memory could have easily answered no. The president believes that no person is above the law. Instead, Sanders tried to weave her way around the question by speaking in broad terms and never attributing a view to the president.

Every public statement from Trump on this issue makes it clear that he thinks that he is above the law. The line of thought was present in Trump’s public comments before he took office when he told The New York Times that it is impossible for the president to have a conflict of interest.

Trump’s idea that he can pardon himself in a logical step for a man who believes that a president has unlimited powers. Not even Sarah Huckabee Sanders can hide the ugly anti-democracy truth in the beliefs of Trump.

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