Nicolle Wallace Crushes Trump’s Ego By Showing More NFL Players At The White House For Obama

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace delivered an ego-crushing moment to Trump when should pictures side by side of the number of New England Patriots who came to the White House for Obama versus the smaller number of players who showed up for Trump.


Wallace said, “Let me come back to you really quickly. Where does today’s — let’s just call it a performance, because that’s what it was. The president wasn’t satisfied. I think the rsvp list was about ten. He is obsessed the crowd size. I think we have a picture of the two visits that the New England Patriots made to the white you mentioned that in your earlier comments. So the one on the top is when Obama had the patriots there. The one on the bottom — and we don’t have Sean spicer here to convince that the one on the bottom is bigger. We can see the one on the bottom is smaller. And that was President Trump.”

Obama never politicized non-partisan feel good events like championship teams coming to the White House. That is what Trump doesn’t get. These moments are supposed to be a reward for being the best in a sport. Champions visiting isn’t about the president. It is a special little perk and moment in the sun for a job well done. Trump has ruined a fun little tradition by making it political and all about himself.

Obama never did such things, which is why more New England Patriots showed up at the White House to see Obama than came to see Trump.

The overall message is that no what metric is used, Donald Trump will measure up to Barack Obama as a president or as a human being. Trump will always be second rate compared to Obama.

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