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Trump White House Contractor Arrested For Attempted Murder

Trump promised to hire only “the best people,” but a contractor who was working his White House was arrested for attempted murder.

Video of Rachel Maddow discussing the White House contractor arrested for attempted murder:

Maddow reported:

This news broke this evening. We still, frankly, only have skeletal details as to what happened here. I will tell you what we know thus far. Outside the white house today a man was arrested because there was a warrant out for his arrest in Maryland, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He is 29 years old. He is from Maryland. The reason the story is breaking as national news tonight is because, well, for one when this man was arrested it was for a very serious crime. A federal official tells NBC news the warrant was for attempted first-degree murder.

More specifically, though, the reason this is national news is because that guy was arrested while he was trying to go to work. And where that guy works is at the Trump White House. We don’t know exactly what his job is. NBC News has learned that he did have a White House pass. He was a contractor working at the white house. NBC News has learned that he worked for the National Security Council in some capacity. The national security council is the large interagency body that oversees — is overseen by the national security adviser who right now is John Bolton. There has been a lot of turnover at the national security adviser job, of course. The first one was Mike Flynn who is now awaiting sentencing on felony charges. Then it was H.R. Mcmaster. Now it is John Bolton with each of those new national security advisers we’ve had tons of turnover in the national security council staff. In terms of this guy who was arrested today at the White House we do not know in what capacity he worked at the National Security Council.

He is described as a contractor. But we don’t know what his job was nor do we know why the national security council would have been employing someone as a contractor who was actively wanted on an attempted murder warrant. We called the national security council tonight to try to get further information about what this man’s job was. We wanted to ask in what capacity he worked for the National Security Council and what the circumstances were of how he obtained his white house pass so he could enter the white house grounds. The national security council referred all of our questions to the U.S. Secret service. The U.S. Secret Service are not answering their phone.

When an administration properly vets the people who get White House passes, people who are wanted for attempted murder don’t get hired. Who knows how many and what kinds of other criminals or people with warrants out on them are working in this White House? There are too many people working in, for, or around this president with criminal issues for it to be a coincidence. When it is said that this administration is criminal, it isn’t an exaggeration.

Never in modern history has a White House been so criminal that a National Security Advisor and a contractor were separately arrested and charged with felonies.

Trump is running a criminal enterprise from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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