MSNBC Blasts Trump For Spreading Fake News About Melania’s Health

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports debunked Trump’s outrage over tabloid rumors that he spread about his own wife on Twitter.


Mitchell said, “President Trump is lashing out at the press today calling the coverage of his wife Melania during her recovery from kidney surgery unfair and vicious. Claiming news outlets reported she was near death, recovering from a facelift, leaving the president, the victim of abuse. Repeating some of the tabloid speculation that’s not appeared in the mainstream media….the president and the first lady are supposed to appear together this afternoon at an event. It’s the first time they will be seen publicly. That she will be seen publicly in 26 days. In his tweets today about these nasty reports, he’s recycling tabloid rumors that have not appeared on network television, that’s I know of, any of our cable shows. Not appeared in most newspapers.”

NBC’s Kristen Welker added, “In fact, some reporters have said they didn’t even know about some of the rumors that he tweeted about today. Really giving oxygen to some of these rumors. Some of this buzz-worthy gossip that’s gone around.”

Trump is spreading fake news about his own wife

Trump is spreading fake news about Melania Trump because he is on a never-ending mission to discredit the free press. It doesn’t matter that most reporters who cover politics and the White House, including this one, had no idea about the rumors that were being spread by the tabloids. To Trump, he can use the tabloids to false equate all media as the same. Trump’s tweet was about one thing, and one thing only, and that is making the press look untrustworthy so that when they report on the Russia investigation or any of Trump’s scandals, there will be doubt in the minds of viewers, readers, and listeners.

The biggest source of fake news in the US is the Twitter account of Donald Trump.

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