New Movie Promotes Belief That Trump Was Chosen By God

This is a real headline: “An Evangelical University Is Helping Create A Movie About How Trump Was Chosen By God.”

The new movie, called The Trump Prophecy, promotes the belief that Donald Trump was “divinely appointed” to lead the United States of America during these troubled times.

According to the Huffington Post, “The theory that Trump was appointed by God is not that uncommon within evangelical circles.”

The movie will be a collaboration between an independent Christian filmmaker and Liberty University in Virginia, one of the largest evangelical Christian universities in the country.

Many normal regular-type people are shocked by this latest evangelical initiative. Some people had to express their opinions on twitter.

One shocked commentator had this to say:

Well now, Liberty University; an institution that doesn’t need to keep your brain in a jar full of formaldehyde to know it is dead, is reputedly making a movie that suggests God* chose trump as president. And all the while I was blaming Putin.”

Apparently the movie was part of a spring semester film project that involved both students and staff from the university. It promotes many Christians’ belief that the election of Trump in 2016 was an act of God that will “bring healing to America.”

The movie was created in partnership with Christian producer Rick Eldridge’s ReelWorks Studios. It was intended to give students movie-industry training and hands-on experience with camera work, set design, and logistics.

The chairman of Liberty University’s cinema program, director Stephan Schultze, told The Christian Post that “The Trump Prophecy” was not meant to endorse Trump.  Instead, he said, it was just a chance for students to get involved in a real movie project that will be shown in 1,200 theaters  throughout the country in October of this year.  Concerning the movie collaboration, Schultze said, “It is a real credit when they graduate for working on a movie.”

The president of the university is Jerry Falwell Jr who is a huge Trump fan. In the past Falwell has said he believes Donald Trump is a “dream” for evangelicals. He is also a member of Trump’s informal evangelical advisory committee

Here is a summary of the movie from The Huffington Post:

The Trump Prophecy tells the story of Mark Taylor, a retired firefighter from Orlando, Florida, who believes God told him in April 2011 that Trump would one day become president of the United States. In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Taylor claims he was watching television around 2 a.m when Trump appeared on a news segment. He said he then heard the voice of God telling him, “You’re hearing the voice of a president.” 

“Taylor grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down words he says came directly from the Holy Spirit. The revelation, which Taylor described as a prophecy, claimed God had chosen Trump to bring “honor, respect and restoration” to America. America was going to prosper like never before, Taylor said, and the ties between Israel and the U.S. would grow stronger.”

In 2015, Taylor showed his writing to the Christian physician and author Dr. Don Colbert, who passed it on to his wife, Mary Colbert. The woman also believed it was a prophecy. After Trump announced his candidacy, Mary Colbert sent copies of Taylor’s words to Christian leaders across the country and started a grassroots prayer chain for America to “return to the Godly principles we were founded upon.”

Christians who support Donald Trump do not see the irony in their support of the most corrupt and immoral president the United States has ever had.  Because they think it is God’s Will, they will put up with anything Trump does as president.  These people may agree with Trump that he should be made a dictator and create a theocracy instead of a democracy in this country.

The risk to our country posed by these people — and this movie — is very great.  This is why the Founding Fathers were clear that there should be a separation between church and state, and there should be no “establishment” of a religion in this country.

We are a nation founded on religious freedom, but a few religious fanatics want to take that away and impose their own religious beliefs on others.  This must not happen, and all people who value freedom and democracy must support the Resistance and fight Trump to the very end.