New Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Outs Sean Hannity In Trump Propaganda Collusion

The new lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels against her former attorney implicates Sean Hannity in working with Trump, Michael Cohen, and Daniels’ former lawyer to get her to go on Hannity’s Fox News program and falsely deny the affair with Trump.


Tom Winter of NBC News reported:

There were some questions whether or not stormy Daniels actually had an affair with the president or not. There were statements that were put out that standard said she didn’t sign. She said may have come from her attorney at that point. So this is a lawsuit that is directed at Keith Davidson. It’s also directed at Michael Cohen, the president’s personal attorney. The lawsuit says that the two of them, and I quote, hatched a plan, and quote, colluded, to get stormy Daniels to appear on Fox News can Sean Hannity and falsely deny that she had an affair with trump about a decade ago the complaint says in part Mr. Davidson abdicated his role as an advocate and fiduciary of his client miss Clifford and instead elected to be a puppet for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump in order to advance their interests at the expense of miss Clifford. There are text messages we are able to show to you that are attached to this lawsuit.

Four pages of text messages. The text messages that are included in the suit go back to January 17th, that’s when this InTouch magazine article that I referenced before came up. One text message from Cohen send to Davidson allegedly says I have her tentatively scheduled for Hannity show. Davidson responded saying she can’t do it she is flying to L.A. Tomorrow. I’m trying to get her to confirm for tomorrow to appear on Mr. Hannity’s program. The text messages say that Cohen complained that the delay was quote no good. Cohen says by doing tomorrow you just create another news cycle instead of putting an end to this one. Then later that evening, Cohen sends another text message the Davidson and says wise the men all believe the story is dying and don’t think it’s smart for her to do any interviews. Davidson who again was representing stormy Daniels at that time allegedly replied 100%. Cohen’s response was, thanks, pal. Now, the complaint, Casey, alleges that the wise men was a reference that included the president, President Trump.

Hannity was more than a sympathetic media figure. He is a willing colluder who is developing and pushing Trump’s lie. Sean Hannity and Fox News were willing and are giving a platform to this president to push false statements and lies. Fox News is not a news organization, and Sean Hannity is nothing more than an hourly propaganda plant for Donald Trump.

Stormy Daniels is doing more damage to the Trump propaganda axis of evil than anyone else out there.

Sean Hannity also has a Stormy Daniels problem.

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