Blue Wave Strengthens As Dems Nearly Double Midterm Lead In Fox Poll

A new Fox News survey released Thursday shows Democrats increasing their generic ballot lead over Republicans with less than five months until the midterm elections.

According to the poll conducted by Trump’s favorite “news” organization, Democrats are preferred over Republicans by nine points. That’s almost twice the margin reported by the same poll in March, which had Dems leading the GOP by just five points.

According to GOP pollster Daron Shaw, who co-conducts the poll with a Democratic pollster, the margin puts Dems on the cusp of retaking the House of Representatives, even with some built-in GOP advantages.

“Political science tells us the Democrats will need a substantial edge in the national vote, maybe 10 points, to make up for gerrymandering and vote concentrations so they can take the House,” Shaw said, according to Fox News.

With Democrats increasing their lead, according to more than one poll released on Thursday, it’s clear that the momentum is in their favor.

A new NBC News survey put the Democratic advantage at 10 points.

Democratic excitement is through the roof

Of course, the top-line margin isn’t the only indicator that Democrats have the potential to retake the House of Representatives come November.

Another sign that a blue wave is continuing to build is that enthusiasm among Democrats is through the roof.

According to the same Fox News poll, “More Democrats (72 percent) are extremely or very interested in the upcoming elections than Republicans (63 percent).”

With more Dems engaged and excited, the nine-point margin reported in the Fox survey could grow larger as the election creeps closer and Trump’s legal troubles mount.

Not even Fox News can hide the blue wave building on the horizon as the November elections inch closer.