Trump Is Now Being Called A Crook On National Television


The corruption and criminality of Donald Trump is such a given that the President Of The United States is being called a crook on national television.



Former Vermont governor Howard Dean said while talking about obstruction of justice on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “Well, first of all, it is a crime. The question is whether or not the president can be indicted and convicted. There’s a difference of opinion on that. Most scholars think he can be indicted. Secondly, this is what crooks do. I once had a conversation with a state police officer in Vermont and I said, boy, we are talking about a case. I said this guy is really smart. He said no crooks are smart, because they always think it’s never going happen to them. This is Trump’s M.O. He says the most outrageous things because he never thinks it’s going effect him and it always does. That’s what happened to Paul manafort and it’s going happen to Donald Trump.”

Trump is a crook

Republicans and pollsters can’t figure out why if the economy is good, the GOP is looking like it is going to take a beating in the midterm election. The answer is Donald Trump. The fact that it is now being stated as common knowledge on national TV that the president is crook is something no economic numbers can overcome. Trump is why Republicans might lose the House and maybe even the Senate because the majority of Americans see Trump as a corrupt individual whose power must be checked.

Since the Republican majority in Congress won’t check Trump; voters may fix the problem themselves by electing Democrats.

Even with incumbency on his side, the biggest reason why Republicans may lose everything by 2020 is Trump.

It is common knowledge that Trump is a crook and no amount of MAGA hats or Russian Facebook ads can change the minds of the American people.

The Republican Party sold itself out to Trump, and he is the anchor that will sink them.

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