Bumbling Trump Embarrasses America In Front Of The World By Standing Up For Putin

Donald Trump held an unexpected press conference at the G7 Summit in Canada on Saturday, using the moment to embarrass the United States in front of the world stage by again propping up Vladimir Putin.

In his remarks, the bumbling president repeated his wish – one that is shared by virtually no U.S. allies – to allow Russia back into the G7.

“Some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in,” the Russian-installed president said. “I think it would be an asset for Russia to be back in.”

Video of Trump doing Putin’s bidding:

Trump, unwilling to acknowledge Russian aggression, said:

I have not spoken to Vladimir Putin for quite a while. It has been discussed. Some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in. This used to be the G8, not the G7. And something happened a while ago that Russia is no longer in. I think it would be an asset for Russia to be back in. I think it would be good for the United States, all the current countries of the G7. I think the G8 would be better. I think having Russia back in would be a positive thing. We’re looking for peace in the world. We’re not looking to play games.

Putin is getting everything he wants

Robert Mueller continues to investigate whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton, but it’s clear the president is giving Vladimir Putin everything he wants. In other words, Putin’s 2016 mission to install Trump to the presidency has been a massive success.

Later in his remarks, Trump even ignored the fact that Russia had annexed Crimea and blamed Barack Obama for Vladimir Putin’s aggression in the region.

He made no mention of the 2016 election interference, of course, since the more we learn about that attack on U.S. democracy, the more it appears that Russia and the Trump campaign coordinated to make it happen.

It increasingly looks as though Russia has the goods on Trump, and the president is being a good puppet for them – even if it means embarrassing the United States on the world stage.