Trump Tantrums All The Way To Singapore After G7 Won’t Be Bullied

Trump pulled the US out of the G7 Communique because US allies refuse to be bullied on trade.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s trade war will hurt the US auto parts industry

The CBC reported, “The vehicles leaving Canadian car plants for sale in the U.S. typically contain around 70 to 75 per cent NAFTA-zone content. Of that, the greatest share by far is American. In fact, so many U.S. car components enter this country for assembly that Canada runs a trade deficit of $13 billion with the U.S. in this category alone — an amount equivalent to Canada’s entire manufactured goods surplus with the U.S. in 2016.”

Trump’s tariff won’t be hurting Canada, but US auto parts suppliers.

Trump is tantruming because his tariff bullying bombed at the G7

Trump’s tantrum is all about the fact that he tried to bully the G7 and was laughed out of the meeting. Trump’s G7 press conference was a bizarre embarrassment.

His rants about trade policy were described as detached from reality by CNBC’s John Harwood:

Trump is throwing a fit because he is failing on the world stage. His tariff threats aren’t working, and the biggest losers of all are going to be the American people as the Trump tariffs are going to turn what was a good economy into a recession.

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