Unpatriotic GOP Is ‘Flunking A Major Character Test’ By Supporting Dangerous, Immoral Trump

By publicly supporting Donald Trump, even though they privately know how damaging he is to the country, the Republican Party is failing an important moral test – and it is something the history books will not fondly remember.

At least that’s what Jonathan Alter, MSNBC analyst, said on Saturday when a GOP strategist explained the bogus reason so many in her party stand by this dangerous commander-in-chief.

Alter said it’s “not patriotism” to “unthinkingly support the President of the United States and all the ridiculous things that he says.”


Alter excoriated Republicans for wrapping themselves in the flag while supporting the president:

This is what is really bugging me right now in the debate. It’s patriotic to support the president, when he’s in your party. Even if he’s a liar and a scoundrel. That’s putting party in front of country and that’s what all of these Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump, even though they know better and they say differently, privately, and they are flunking a major character test in their own lives by appeasing him and backing him out of some ridiculous idea of what patriotism requires. It does not require you to unthinkingly support the president of the United States and all the ridiculous things that he says. That’s not patriotism.

Supporting Donald Trump is not patriotic

Supporting a president who is tearing the moral fabric of the country to shreds is not patriotic. Supporting a president who lies incessantly about all things, big and small, is not patriotic. Supporting a president whose campaign likely colluded with a foreign adversary, then sought to cover it up and obstruct justice, is not patriotic.

As president, Trump has debased the office he nows holds while shredding American credibility. As a result, American allies no longer look to the United States as a reliable leader in the world – because we’re not.

As a man, he has shown himself to be completely devoid of morality, spewing vulgarity, bragging about sexual assault, siding with the most racist elements in America and paying off women via his mobster lawyer to cover up his affairs.

If the Republican Party truly wants to be the party of patriotism, they’ll stand up for America, not a dangerous and morally corrupt president.

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