White House Melts Down And Demands Trudeau Apologize To Trump

Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow went on a whinefest and demanded that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologize to Trump for standing up to the US president at the G7.

Video of Kudlow on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

KUDLOW: Well, first of all, you know, why throw a monkey wrench into the meeting of the Western allies? That is point number one.

I think Trudeau — and, second of all, yes, you’re quite right, sir. I mean, President — he can’t put Trump in a position of being weak going into the North Korean talks with Kim. He can’t do that.


KUDLOW: And, by the way, President Trump is not weak. He will be very strong, as he always is. So those are my points.

This was an ill-advised statement by Mr. Trudeau.

TAPPER: Let me ask you — I want to ask you another question.

KUDLOW: He ought to — really…


KUDLOW: He ought to come out and apologize in the name of the Western allies, OK? He ought to come out today and wish President Trump well in the negotiations…

TAPPER: In Singapore.

KUDLOW: … instead of taking potshots at…

The White House knows that Trump got owned at the G7

From the photo posted by Merkel to his disaster of a press conference, to Canada reluctantly retaliating in Trump’s trade war, it is obvious that there is nothing but loads of bad publicity coming out of the G7 for Trump. Donald Trump already looks weak after he announced that he was dropping his demand for North Korea to immediately denuclearize. The G7 just dumped more gasoline on to the fire.

Trump is weak, and the fact that one could hear the whine in Larry Kudlow’s voice as he demanded an apology shows how this White House mirrors the man at the top. When things go badly, Trump screams unfair and starts whining and demanding apologies.

Trudeau isn’t going to apologize for a trade war that Trump started, andarehis dumpster fire of an administration can’t understand that whining and demanding apologies is the ultimate sign of weakness.

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