Rachel Maddow And Nicolle Wallace Slam The Right’s Obama/Trump N. Korea Hypocrisy

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Nicolle Wallace crushed the right’s hypocrisy for praising Trump for kissing up to N. Korea after they called Obama weak.


Wallace said, “This is about — this is about looking like a strong leader. This is about projecting strength to a domestic audience. This is not about what keeps you awake at night. This is not about the job you used to have. We are projecting onto him normal things. There’s nothing normal about what we’re watching. We’re not watching an American president conduct the most grave and serious -But he was excited to go for that reason. That picture right here. For this that we’re all sitting here — I heard from two people he’s excited because he thinks that makes him look like a strong leader and that’s the image he wants to project for his own re-election campaign and in the mid-terms.”

Maddow added, “In the 2008 election Barack Obama was criticized for saying that if he were president he would absolutely consider meeting and talking with the North Koreans. He said he would talk with Cuba. He said he would talk with North Korea. He said he would talk with Iran. He said he would talk with our enemies. And that was cause for the American right to decide that Barack Obama was not just a Democrat, he was a foreigner who was sent on some nefarious mission to destroy the United States from within.”

Wallace responded, “And he was weak. That was –”

Maddow continued, “As being naive and it was seen as dangerous. The relationship between American politics in this moment is almost as hard to get your head around as these pictures are.”

The North Korea summit has made Trump look pathetic and weak

Obama never met with Kim Jong-un for a very good reason. Meeting with the regime elevates them. North Korea is already using this meeting as propaganda to proclaim that they are on equal footing with the United States, and the next step in that argument is that if they are on equal footing with the US, they do not need to give up their nuclear weapons. Trump supporters are proclaiming that the weak caving of a pathetic know-nothing president who thinks that he can survive in the White House by cozying up to a ruthless and backward regime as strength when in reality real strength was not rewarding threats as was the policy of Obama.

The “summit” in Singapore is a sad diminishing of the presidency and the hypocrites who are calling it a victory got a reality check from Nicolle Wallace and Rachel Maddow.

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