Nicolle Wallace Blows Up Trump’s Desperate N. Korea Fantasy


While the rest of cable news has been droning on about the historic summit, Nicolle Wallace said that Trump is desperate and his political survival depends on the meeting.



Wallace said, “And some of that, Mara is how desperately the president needs this win politically. Some of that isn’t because there aren’t people around him that understand. I have to believe that people like Mike Pompeo, I wonder if you guys jump in if you agree. There are people who understand the value of those 20 meetings. Very few preconditions have been met other than the release of the detainees. This is not just a meeting about foreign policy. This is about Donald Trump’s political survival. He has said to friends he plans on taking a win in North Korea to the voters. That’s their med term message. That’s all they’ve got.”

Trump thinks N. Korea will save Republicans and his presidency

As cable news has been wall to wall rambling about how historic the moment is, consider what is at stake for Trump in this summit. Donald Trump desperately needs this summit to work. As president, he has no popular accomplishments. The idea that a summit with North Korea can save Republicans in the midterm election is a laughable fantasy as voters are not going to support a House candidate based on what Trump did with Kim Jong-un months earlier in a photo-op.

Contrary to what Trump is trying to sell, this summit isn’t about 2018. Trump sees himself running as some sort of foreign policy president who brought peace to the Korean Peninsula in 2020. However, if Trump’s trade war pushes the toward a recession, no one is going to care about N. Korea. No one is likely to care about North Korea anyway. There is a reason why the foreign policy presidential debate is always the least watched. Voters don’t care.

Wallace said what others wouldn’t. Trump is desperate and his political future depends on this summit.

If this summit is the Republican Party’s midterm election message, they might as well start packing their bags now, because they will be gone in November.

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