Trump Blocks Tens Of Thousands Of Abused Women From Getting Asylum In The US

The Trump administration moved today to block tens of thousands of women who were victims of domestic abuse from gaining asylum in the US.

The LA Times reported:
Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has ordered immigration judges to stop granting asylum to most victims of domestic abuse and gang violence, a move that would block tens of thousands of people, especially women, from seeking refuge in America.

The decision, which immigration advocates are sure to aggressively fight, came as Sessions seeks to use the authority of his office to sharply change U.S. immigration law to make it less friendly to asylum seekers.


“Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum,” Sessions wrote in his ruling. “The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes–such as domestic violence or gang violence–or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim.”

Trump is building a policy wall to keep abused women out of the US

There is no justifiable reason for this order, just as there is no reason for parents to have their children taken away at the border. If anyone deserves asylum, it is victims of domestic and gang violence. The Trump administration is making it clear that in their view there is no reason why an immigrant, especially if they are not a white model who happens to be in a relationship with a future president, should be admitted to the United States.

America is no longer the land of opportunity. The American Dream has been replaced by uncaring bigotry, racism, sexism, and intolerance.

The policies enacted by this administration will not stand the test of time. They will be reversed, but for women need asylum to escape an abusive partner, the future doesn’t matter, because their lives are in danger today.

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