An Exasperated Nicolle Wallace Asks What Is Wrong With Trump?

Nicolle Wallace asked the question on the minds of most Americans as they watched Trump praise a murderous dictator when she said, “What is wrong with him?”


Wallace said, “This is what Trump said about Kim Jong-un after having a fight with Justin Trudeau. Kim Jong-un knows how to run it and run it tough. He’s a funny guy. Funny. He loves his people. He starves his people. He’s murdered family members. People die by firing squad. That’s the most merciful way in which he kills his citizens. He also has labor camps and concentration camps. What is wrong with him?”

It is difficult to comprehend how Trump can fight with our allies like Canada and heap praise on an enemy like Kim Jong-un, until you realize that Trump is also an enemy. His role models, like Putin, are the enemies of the United States. Trump can’t relate to democracies because his ethos is one of personal power, greed, and corruption. By nature, Putin and Kim Jong-un are Trump’s kind of people. They are who he feels comfortable around.

What’s wrong with Trump is that he is a selfish and souless man who hates democracy

The hard part isn’t seeing what’s wrong with Trump. It is getting people in the media and in power to point it out and stop normalizing it. Trump, because of what he believes, is a danger to the United States. Donald Trump will never do the right thing for the country, and is placing the beacon of democracy on a dangerous path. What is wrong with Trump is that he wants to be just like Kim Jong-un and Putin. Those are his role models, and in order to stop that from happening voters must elect a Democratic Congress to protect our democracy and end the authoritarian dreams of Trump.

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