Democrats Flip Wisconsin Senate Seat In District That Trump Won By 18

A special election that Gov. Scott Walker put off holding for months turned into the GOP’s worst nightmare as Democrat Calen Frostman flipped the state senate seat from red to blue.

The DLCC congratulated Frostman:

Frostman’s win was the 44th state legislative flip since Trump’s election:

Frostman is the first Democrat in 41 years to hold the seat:

Frostman’s win was a more than 20 point swing in the district:

Gov. Scott Walker freaked out after a Democrat was elected to the state supreme court in April and warned his fellow Republicans that a blue wave is coming. Democrats, grassroots activists, and candidate organizations aren’t getting enough credit for the work that they are doing at the state and local levels.

Less than two years ago, the Democratic Party was left for dead in too many states and localities across the country. The party’s revival, which is partly attributable to the energy caused by Trump’s election has been amazing.

The Blue Wave is quietly growing beneath the surface, and its full fury will be unleashed on Election Day in November.