One 24 Second Video Shows How Badly Trump Got Played By N. Korea

Trump managed to give up everything while getting no firm commitment to denuclearization and no verification process as he got played by North Korea.



Q: This joint statement does not talk about verifiable or irreversible denuclearization. Is that a concession?

Trump: Not at all. If you look at it, it said we are going to — let’s see here. It will be gone. I don’t think you can be any more plain. It will be verified. We’ll be verifying.

Q: How is that going to be achieved, Mr. President?

Trump: By having a lot of people there.

The Iran deal that Trump thought was the worst deal ever contained a detailed verification process that was a combined effort between the United States and the international community. The Iran deal should have been the template for any agreement with North Korea. Instead, Trump is just planning on using lots of people to verify that the North Koreans are complying with the agreement.

The video above shows that the North Koreans completely owned Trump. They did the same thing that everyone has done to beat Trump in a negotiation. They made him feel special by pretending like they are giving him something that only he could possibly get, then Trump responds by giving up everything.

It is a tactic that every bad salesperson in history has used, and it worked to perfection on Trump.

Trump got completely played, and yet, he still thinks that he won.

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