Trump Outs Himself As An Enemy Of America By Using Two Words


Trump used two words, war games, that only the enemies of the United States use when they describe military training exercises.



NBC News’s Hans Nichols reported, “What does Corey Gardner mean by exercises? If it is day-to-day routine training, that’s something here at the Pentagon say is necessary to maintain the strengths of the alliance. In terms of calling off all war games, the next war games that are scheduled to be something called UFG, they are basically computer simulation that happens in August. There is all kinds of training exercises that take place in the western Pacific on the Korean peninsula. You call them training exercises or you call them war games. Only people we know that they’re called war games are American adversaries are now President Trump.”

Nichols went on to explain that war games is a provocative term that is used by the adversaries of the United States. The Pentagon never uses that term and it is stated policy that these training exercises are not intended to provoke or lead to conflict. The fact is that the North Korean regime is still an enemy of the United States because of our alliance with South Korea in the ongoing war.

For a president to use the terminology of America’s enemies so freely indicates a man who is not only weak-minded and unknowledgeable but a person who is so desperate to be liked by whoever he is the room with that he is willing to betray the nation that he is supposed to be leading at any price.

Trump adopted Kim Jong-un’s talking points about the training exercises. He stabbed his own country and military in the back because he is desperate for a deal that he thinks will save his presidency.

The moral of the story is that when push comes to shove, Donald Trump’s natural instinct is to side with the people who hate America.

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