Trump’s Cave To N. Korea Has Caused A Total Republican Meltdown

Republicans are at each other’s throats after Trump made a side deal with Kim Jong-un to end US military activities on the Korean Peninsula.

Video of Sen. Cory Garder saying that Vice President Mike Pence told Senators that the military exercises would continue:

Gardner tweeted:

Pence’s press secretary responded:

Gardner tried to clean it up:

By “war games” N. Korea meant the training exercises

Republicans are going after each other because they are trying to spin Trump’s awful concession to Kim. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Pence did say what Gardner said. No Republican agrees with the concession that Trump made, but since Pence is expected to play the role of First Stooge, and is not allowed to disagree with Trump, he had to get Gardner back into line.

What is happening here is that Trump flew by the seat of his pants and created a giant problem for the Republican Party. Republicans are fighting with each other because no one has any idea what Trump meant or what the consequences will be for his statements.

Trump caved to N. Korea, and the result is sending the Republican Party spiraling out of control.