Rep. Ted Lieu Says The Trump-Fox News Propaganda Machine Is Destroying America

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu slammed Donald Trump and Fox News on Wednesday, saying their partnership is “alarming” and that the right-wing news network has become state TV.

The congressman said the combination of Trump’s attacks on the free press and Fox News’ propaganda machine are destroying the country.


The Democratic congressman said the combination of Trump and Fox News is bad for the country:

It’s very alarming for the President of the United States to attack the First Amendment and a free press in this manner. Unfortunately, when you watch Fox primetime news, it looks like it’s turned into state TV. Thank you MSNBC and other networks for not doing that.

Trump is attacking the free press while embracing actual fake news

Just after Trump’s meeting with brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the president took to Twitter to attack the free press.

He said the media is the “biggest enemy” of the United States, specifically attacking NBC and CNN.

And while Trump attacks news networks that are actually reporting the facts about his dangerous administration, he is embracing Fox News – a network that creates an alternate reality for its throngs of Trump sheep.

This dynamic may help Trump in the short term as he looks to create a bubble to protect himself and the minority of the country who supports him, but it’s dangerous in the long term.

The free press cannot survive if a large fraction of the country – including the man in the White House – doesn’t accept simple truths about the reality-based world. And America cannot survive without a free press.

Right now, Trump and his protectors at Fox News are tearing it to shreads.