Michael Cohen Feels Abandoned And Is Begging Trump For A Pardon

New reporting suggests that Michael Cohen hasn’t flipped yet, but that he is sending signals to Trump begging for a pardon before he flips.

Video of Gabe Sherman on MSNBC:

Sherman said, “Cohen says he feels the legal noose closing in around him. Yesterday indicated he thought he might be arrested at any moment and we know from today he is worried about the prospect of an indictment coming as early as tomorrow, and what he has told people is that he is considering making a deal with the SDNY. My reporting, he has no officially flipped. Reports earlier today he has done that. My reporting says she in the process of contemplating that. This comes as well as the time he decided to go separate ways with his legal team.”

Sherman also said that Cohen feels abandoned and wants a pardon, “Well, you know, you see the raft of pardons the president he has signaled he is the power to pardon even himself. If you’re facing years in prison, you have to feel abandoned by this president and wants to make sure if he faces indictment and prosecution that there may be some legal way out for him in the form of a pardon.”

Sherman also tweeted:

Cohen’s plea for a pardon is all about Russia

A pardon would not get Cohen out of state charges, so the reason why Trump’s lawyer wants a pardon is related to Russia. If Michael Cohen is more worried about Mueller than New York, it makes one wonder what kind of potential crimes with Russia did Michael Cohen commit for Trump? If Cohen is counting on Trump to show some sort of loyalty or gratitude, he should know better. Trump is loyal to no one. He will let Cohen rot in prison for the rest of his life if it means saving his own skin.

The pardon Cohen wants isn’t coming, so he better cut the deal and flip on Trump, or be prepared to die in prison.

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