The White House Is Freaking Out Because Cohen Might Spill The Beans About Trump To Mueller


The White House is anxious that Michael Cohen is going to cave and tell Robert Mueller all of the dirty details about Trump’s business dealings.
The Washington Post reported, “The dual investigations of Cohen are fueling anxiety inside the White House. After working for a decade as Trump’s personal attorney, Cohen has extensive knowledge of the president’s personal dealings and the Trump family business. The president’s allies are worried that prosecutors in Manhattan are attempting to build a criminal case against Cohen to push him to cooperate with the special-counsel probe — a prospect they see as potentially dire. For his part, the Trump attorney has been frustrated by the lack of outreach by the president, whom Cohen has vowed to defend, according to people with knowledge of the situation.”

In other words, Cohen knows where the bodies are buried and the White House is scared that the New York case is going to put so much pressure on Cohen that he will cooperate with Robert Mueller. Given that the prosecutors in New York already have a million Cohen documents and tapes of Trump, it looks like they have already got Trump’s former lawyer dead to rights, but Robert Mueller is playing the long game. He wants the big fish in the Russia scandal, and getting Michael Cohen to talk would bring him a giant step closer to Trump.

Innocent presidents don’t worry about special counsels

The White House’s reaction to the potential Cohen flip tells the American people all that they need to know about Trump’s guilt or innocence. An innocent president would have nothing to hide, and his or her staff would have nothing to worry about. It is a guilty president who spends all of his time worrying about what the special counsel is going to find and his staff frets over whether or not they are on the way out.


The White House is freaked because if Michael Cohen sits down with Robert Mueller, it will be the end for Trump.

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