Trump Just Got Terrible News In Ohio As His Approval Rating Plummets And Healthcare Is The #1 Issue

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Ohio found that Donald Trump’s approval rating is upside down, Democrats are leading key midterm races and healthcare is the top issue on the voters’ minds.

According to the poll:

In Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, women voters propel Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown to a 51 – 34 percent overall lead over U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, the Republican challenger.


Health care is the most important issue in deciding how they will vote for U.S. Senator, 28 percent of Ohio voters say. Another 25 percent cite the economy, with 15 percent for immigration and 14 percent for gun policy.


Ohio voters disapprove 54 – 43 percent of the job President Donald Trump is doing. Republicans approve 91 – 7 percent. Disapproval is 94 – 5 percent among Democrats and 57 – 37 percent among independent voters.


Their vote for U.S. Senator will be more to express support for President Trump, 28 percent of voters say, while 30 percent say their vote will be more in opposition of Trump. Another 39 percent say Trump is not an important factor in their vote.

When talking about 2018 and 2020, some overlook Ohio, but they shouldn’t

Until the last few election cycles, Ohio was regarded as a bellwether state, but Republicans started to win in the state with more regularity and that notion faded out of favor, but the polling in Ohio is looking similar to polls around the country that suggest that there are big problems on the horizon for Republicans. Trump won Ohio in 2016, but there are signs that the Buckeye State could swing back to Democrats in 2020.

For the midterm, the Trump/GOP attacks on healthcare are looking massive strategic error, and Republicans have to be terrified that Trump has beaten the immigration drum incessantly, but healthcare is almost twice as important to voters.

Trump won Ohio by 8 points in 2016, but his net approval rating is a currently a (-11), which means that Ohio is showing a net drop in support for Trump that is similar to the rest of the country.

If Democrats win in 2018 and 2020, it will be healthcare and Donald Trump that carry them to victory.

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