Trump Blows A Gasket Over New York Trump Crime Family Lawsuit

Trump went off on an unhinged rant after the New Attorney General sued his family for criminal activity related to the Trump Foundation.

Trump tweeted:

The lack of retweets on his rant from Trump’s cult is an omen

The fact that these Trump tweets only have gotten 16,000-22,000 retweets from his followers is a sign. Trump is the boy who cried wolf. Every lawsuit and investigation of him or his family is called fake news and a Democratic plot. This is the Trump playbook. When he gets busted, he screams fake news, Hillary Clinton, and Democratic plot. The problem is that the act is wearing thin. The hardcore Trump cultists who tune into Sean Hannity each night for their dose of propaganda will lap it up, but for everyone else, Trump’s protests have become redundant.

Trump’s protests are losing their impact, and his ranting suggests that he knows that the worst is yet to come.