Trump Admits He’s A Cult Leader In Press Conference Disaster

Watch as Trump admits that he is a cult leader by referring to his political supporters as his followers during a disastrous press gaggle.


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Trump said, “And if you read the report, you’ll see that. Really — excuse me, wait, wait. What you really see is you’ll see bias against me and millions and tens of millions of my followers that is really a disgrace. And yet, yet — And yet, if you look at the FBI, and you went in and polled the FBI, the real FBI, those guys love me and I love them.”

Trump is so deep into delusion and conspiracy theory that he believes that there is a non-real FBI that is out to get him. There is no real FBI and fake FBI. There’s just the FBI, who are a group of dedicated and hard-working people who are trying to protect the country and go after criminals including the president and his associates.

Donald Trump sees himself as a cult leader. He doesn’t have supporters like other political figures. He has followers, and the term follower implies blind loyalty to the leader. A supporter may differ with the person that they are supporting, but a follower is someone who is guided by blind belief.

Those who follow this president are increasingly being referred to as a cult. They appear to be brainwashed. Nothing will move them away from Trump. There is no persuading or courting these people. Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans should stop wasting their time. The Trump presidency is a cult, and Donald Trump just admitted that like any dime store dictator/cult of personality leader, he doesn’t want supporters. He wants followers.

Donald Trump is a cult leader. Americans stop looking at this president in political terms, and begin to ask themselves how this cult can be defeated so that the country can be taken back and democracy made safe again?

The only way to beat Trump is to recognize who is, and what sort of criminal cult he is leading.

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