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Roseanne Has Huge Twitter Meltdown

Former husband Tom Arnold said Roseanne’s problems all started when she became a follower of Donald Trump. On Friday, Trump claimed the Inspector General’s Report “totally exonerates” him of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, and Roseanne probably believed him. 

Something caused her to lose her cool late Friday night and early Saturday morning as she went on Trump’s favorite social media platform and had a classic Twitter meltdown.

The craziness ended with her yelling MAGA eleven times as she signed off:


But it had all started much earlier as she tweeted and retweeted manically, supporting Trump’s positions on the IG Report and pushing some of her favorite wacko conspiracy theories.

Her first tweet was truly crazy, as she made reference to a 1960’s CIA mind control program known as MK Ultra, saying “the left” has been trained under the program:

left r trained by mkultra mind control programming to divide divide divide.”

The MK Ultra program allegedly used LSD in experiments on human subjects, so it does make a person wonder if Roseanne herself has been using some of that LSD, because several of her retweets dealt with conspiracy theories far removed from reality.

Somehow Roseanne has made connections among the IG Report, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Andrew Weiner and a child sex abuse conspiracy.

This makes no sense but it seems to be one of Roseanne’s favorite theories. Her next retweet said:
“BOMBSHELL: IG Report Confirms Comey Was Briefed on Clinton-Linked ‘Sex Crimes Against Children’ Evidence on Weiner Laptop”

She also claimed to be a genius, in true Donald Trump fashion, praising herself while attacking those who criticize her.

you know you’re a genius when a confederacy of dunces attacks you.”

Then she wrote:

“let’s move on from engaging idiots and ill informed types. We have a world to run! Things r progressing nicely politically-all the real dirt has been exposed by the IG report-next step will be balls out great!”

According to at least one news source, Roseanne believes in in QAnon, “a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming top Democrats are running a satanic child sex cult.”

It is clear that Roseanne thinks the IG Report not only clears Trump of all wrongdoing, but a future report will  also prove her truly off-the-wall conspiracy theories.

Roseanne had another meltdown a few weeks ago that led ABC to cancel her top-rated comedy show.  The network was criticized for doing this, but it is a good thing they did, because it appears that nothing will stop her from using Twitter to say truly outrageous and offensive things.

Leo Vidal

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