Trump Is Golfing While Children Are Ripped From Their Parents At The Border

As the Trump administration continues to implement a new policy that has torn children from their parents at the southern border of the United States, the president is enjoying a round of golf.

According to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, citing the press pool, Trump arrived at his National Golf Club in Virginia a short time ago.

According to the NBC News Trump travel tracker, Trump has spent nearly a quarter of his presidency on one of his golf courses and nearly a third at one of his ritzy properties.

For a president who said he would hardly ever leave the White House during his tenure, that sure is a lot of off-campus time.

Meanwhile, thousands of families are being separated under Trump’s inhumane immigration crackdown

As Reuters reported, “Nearly 1,800 immigrant families were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border from October 2016 through February of this year, according to a senior government official, as President Donald Trump implemented stricter border enforcement policies.”

The children that are ripped from their parents are kept in what amount to incarceration centers, where they are locked inside for 22 hours a day in a 40 square foot living space.

This isn’t just a short-term problem either. As the Huffington Post reported, “Children kept in youth detention centers often develop mental illnesses and behavioral issues.”

The president took to Twitter on Saturday to blame the Democrats for this practice, but the American people know better.

As MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff reported on Saturday’s AM Joy, “This has never ever been done before as a systematic policy to take kids away from their parents at the rate of 100 percent.”

Trump’s assertion that the Democratic Party’s is to blame “is complete B.S.,” the MSNBC reporter added.

In other words, this president owns the heartbreaking images coming out of the southern border. It’s nobody else’s fault.

Instead of enjoying the day practicing his chip shot, Donald Trump should immediately return to the White House and end his policy, which has stained not just his administration, but America.

Sean Colarossi

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