Fox News Is Nightmarishly Defending Trump’s Child Concentration Camps

Fox News is offering a full-throated defense of Trump putting children in cages, as the kids having it good.


Pete Hegseth, who Trump wanted to put in charge of the VA, of Fox and Friends Sunday reacted to this tweet by Gen. Michael Hayden:

Hegseth said, “Put this tweet out there, other governments have separated mothers and children. You know, that’s a picture of a concentration camp that exterminated 1.1 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. We’re saying because we’re enforcing laws on the books temporarily separating kids from their parents — their parents who broke the law by the way by coming here illegally. And while the kids are in temporary custody they’re getting school and soccer and video games and three squares and two snacks and plenty of sleep and lots of good — that’s the same as exterminating 1.1 million Jews in gas chambers Gen. Michael Hayden, you’re an idiot. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”

Children are living in cages. The White House is blaming the Democrats for not giving them the funding to build enough prisons to hold all of the immigrants. Hegseth’s argument is the same one used by racists to defend slavery, when they try to explain how good the slaves had it as they were beaten, raped, murdered, worked to death, and not free.

The immigrant children in these camps committed no crime, but they are not free.

Under no definition can what the Trump administration is doing be considered humane.

As Trump has taken his most authoritarian step yet, the propaganda cis cancers at Fox News are egging him on. Getting rid of Donald Trump is only half of the answer. Fox News is a cancer on our democracy that is unfit for broadcast in the United States of America.

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